2014 MMF Pro Series Rule Book

The main goal for this rulebook is to uphold righteousness and fairness amongst riders. This rulebook contains rules and guidelines for riders to prepare and participate for motocross racing at Mx Messiah Fairgrounds (MMF), the privately-owned facility of Xtreme Adrenaline Sports Entertainment Company (XAS).

The interpretation of the rules may differ from its original intention therefore riders must be
responsible to make sure consultation with the officials in the instance of rules obscurity.

In the event where rules are needed in the unforeseen particular occurrence but is lacking, the officials under the leadership of the Race Director would be responsible to decide the verdict.

Although “Rider’s Safety” is one of the essential goals of MMF/XAS in this rulebook, it doesn’t guarantee absolute accomplishment of this goal. The Rider must be
responsible for his/her own safety and welfare in congruence with the rules in this book.

Check the Rulebook below for more details.