MX Messiah Fairgrounds(MMF) is a result of “Purpose and Passion.”
Sam Tamayo is a former professional motocross champion back in the late 90’s till 2005! But His racing career was cut short because of the negative political and economical factors that led to the extinction of the nation wide motocross racing series in the philippines.

But God has a reason why he allowed these series of negative events that affected Sam’s career happen because in the process SAM FOUND HIS PURPOSE, not in the sport of MX, but in GOD! As a result of this PURPOSE AND PASSION MMF WAS BORN. MMF’s mission-passion to elevate and develop extreme sports/ motor sports in the philippines to give honor and glory to both God and country.


The company believes their mission and vision will come to a reality only when organizers be focused on the needs of the athletes – the ones risking bones and limbs for the sport; thus it is our primary goal to be able to conduct an excellent service to the Sport, gathering help from the sponsors to the athletes to the fans.
Watch this video to learn more about us:

You can also listen to the song “See You Tomorrow” dedicated to Sam Tamayo’s father, Ptr. Vern Tamayo here: