MMF Academy



MMF Academy is a product of a strong desire to see a Filipino athletes, motor sports and extreme sports, become world class athletes who will represent both God and country.


It has always been the passion and purpose of MMF’s founder Sam Tamayo to make MMF Academy a reality. In 2012 when MMF was opened, Sam mentioned this vision to an interview from a local TV show called “Sports Unlimited.” Soon enough, MMF hosts multitude of events and trainings and had become a venue to produce world class athletes in motorsport and extreme sports.


Filipino athletes who came for practices and races when they were still kids are now world class athletes racing locally and internationally representing both God and country. Indeed, it is by God’s grace that MMF had been a platform to hone these young talents.


MMF Academy develops athletes of all ages. A rider as young as 4 years old (or even younger as long as they can balance a bicycle) can be introduced to riding with the supervision of MMF’s trained coaches.


Experienced riders in the road are also welcome to learn the unique riding skills only the off-road setting can offer. Road Racers, weekend warriors, riders from all sorts of riding culture are also welcome to experience and learn skills which they can apply in their specific riding culture.




We’d love to book your training! Check out the following rates for group and individual sessions:

Individual rates:

3 sessions (2 hours per session)- P 5,000

6 sessions- P 9,000

9 sessions- P 12,000


Inclusive of:

-Yamaha XTZ bikes for adults, Yamaha PW50s for kids

-Personal MMF Academy Instructor

-Basic Gears: Helmet, knee pad, elbow pads



Group rates:

One day (3-4 hours session, At least 10 riders)


-Provide your own bikes and gears- 500 php per person

-With Yamaha bikes and basic gears- 1,500php per person