Monster Energy Ph renew partnership with XAS for 2017

Motocross is one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. Back in the 90’s a sports magazine made a study to identify the most physically demanding sport(traditional sports and motor sports combine). Motocross rank second behind Football(Soccer).




The physical demand the sport of Motocross requires from athletes had riders seek for an energy drink that may supply them the energy boost they needed to cope up during the races. This is the main reason Xtreme Adrenaline Sports Entertainment Co. sought for a partner energy drink.




Monster Energy Philippines has been a constant partner of Xtreme Adrenaline Sports Entertainment Co.(XAS) in organising Motocross races and events at Mx Messiah Fairgrounds(MMF) since 2013.Motocross riders have enjoyed the boost of energy they get every time they take the drink during the races.




The coming year 2017 will be another year of partnership between XAS and Monster Energy Ph. See you next race! Braap!